sinmantyx (sinmantyx) wrote in namedsue,

Penis envy

I hate getting my way because I have a pretty smile
I hate being dismissed and excused
patronized and fantacized...

I'm a big gaping hole...somehow incomplete and useable.

I wish I had a dick. It would be the biggest dick in the world.
I would tell people what to do and they would fear my huge penis.
My subjects would expect me to be strong and responsible.
They would worship my fallice by massaging it and keeping it warm.

The only problem is that eventually, they would get jealous of my gigantic member.
So, then I woud stick it to them so they knew what they were missing.

They would probably want me to cover it up and never talk about it; but secretly love to shove it inside them.
That would make them upset, but I would sooth their fears by telling them how pretty they looked on my cock.

Just pathetic I was without my dick. I used to just lay on my back. I can't understand why anyone took me seriously.
I mean, I had nothing to offer, and now I have this huge cock that everyone loves and respects.

They can have their way if they have a pretty smile. Reminds me of faces I've cum on.
The dickless really can't be expected to be honest or strong.
Just lay down there little girl, I'll give you what you really want.
Don't you just want a big cock just like mine?
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