sinmantyx (sinmantyx) wrote in namedsue,


I hate you because you are a woman

…who sees the frailty of men as an opportunity.
…who says she is strong, but acts like she is weak.
…who will say men are equal, but treat them as invincible.
…who will care for her sisters, and hate her brothers…
…for not protecting her, for not giving her everything she wants…
…for not providing everything she needs…
…for not making her happy, because it is a man’s job to make a woman happy.

I hate you because you are a woman

…who is empowered to act in ways a man would be jailed for.
…who expects sympathy for her faults, while lashing out at the faults of others.
…who thinks it’s beneath her to love without condition, and expects unconditional love.
…who rejects acts of selflessness, but revels in righteous indignation…
…for the wrongs against her, for the injustices she has faced…
…for the decisions she has made…
…for the pain she has suffered, because a woman is never to blame for what she does.

If you were a man, the world would hate you,
But I hate you because you’re a woman.
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