sinmantyx (sinmantyx) wrote in namedsue,

Little rap song

Can't cook, can't clean, can't take care of yourself
You little mother fucker better holla' 'round somebody else
You suck a tit like it's legit
You need a girl for your food
If she be lyin' you'll be dyin'
You're jus' one of her brood

Don't work, don't drive, can't pay a bill for your life
You little cum slut hooker claiming to be somebody's wife
Under a thumb you must be dumb
You bought a man for a ring
If he be lyin' you'll be cryin'
You're jus' a peeon his king

Take it from me, love is not love if it's need
No way out it's just a cloud of disappointment and greed
I'll be honest and refrain from bein' oversappy
that meat you're hangin' on will never make you happy
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