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A sheep in sheep's clothing [02 Oct 2006|04:29pm]

There was a little girl.  She was walking through a green field.  She saw a sheep eating a dandy-lion.  It looked at her.  She looked at it.  She looked closely.  She squinted her eyes.  She got closer.  She leaned over.  She fell to her knees.  She touched its soft coat.  She petted it.  She put out her lips to kiss it.  So, it bit her face off.

She cried through her bloodied head.  “Are you a wolf?” she gurgled.

“No,” the sheep said.  “All sheep are like me.”
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I'm hungry [24 Apr 2006|09:27am]

I want to eat.

A glorious picture
of ripe fruits and tall water glasses

I smile at the idea of you.
My mouth waters.

But I'm not blind and I see
a pathetic useless whore
licking all over a glossy photo of what she lusts for.

I want to hold
a peice of pretty toxic colored paper.

I want to taste
a thin dry flavorless image that begs to be taken.

Why are you surprised that I grab you and try to rip you to tiny bits?
Some days I hate wanting you.
Why can't I be satisfied?
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I love music [17 Mar 2006|12:15pm]

He worships things
That look like and sound like people
Polished icon goddesses
on digital quality stepples

Meditate on the
Catchy, clever rehearsed phrases
Well-colored tip/tucked faces
Porn-like sex
Song-like life
Meaning and strife
religious opiate fictions

Flawed and dull, we live in the shaddow of hollow alter statues
He'll never have faith in us, nicked and cut and stained
Spellbound by the sweet art lies
of music's perfect refrain
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Little rap song [17 Mar 2006|11:18am]

Can't cook, can't clean, can't take care of yourself
You little mother fucker better holla' 'round somebody else
You suck a tit like it's legit
You need a girl for your food
If she be lyin' you'll be dyin'
You're jus' one of her brood

Don't work, don't drive, can't pay a bill for your life
You little cum slut hooker claiming to be somebody's wife
Under a thumb you must be dumb
You bought a man for a ring
If he be lyin' you'll be cryin'
You're jus' a peeon his king

Take it from me, love is not love if it's need
No way out it's just a cloud of disappointment and greed
I'll be honest and refrain from bein' oversappy
that meat you're hangin' on will never make you happy
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Texas Death Jingle verse 1 [17 Mar 2006|01:28am]

She put a long old ice pic in the middle of their heads
But because she is a woman, no one wants her dead
She found the Lord like so many young men standing in death row;
who were made to lie down on a bed
and reap the seeds they sow.

No we can't kill a girly!
The Pope and CBN pipes in
No we can't kill a girly!
Surprise! Killing is a sin.
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Misogyny [11 Mar 2006|03:06pm]

I hate you because you are a woman

…who sees the frailty of men as an opportunity.
…who says she is strong, but acts like she is weak.
…who will say men are equal, but treat them as invincible.
…who will care for her sisters, and hate her brothers…
…for not protecting her, for not giving her everything she wants…
…for not providing everything she needs…
…for not making her happy, because it is a man’s job to make a woman happy.

I hate you because you are a woman

…who is empowered to act in ways a man would be jailed for.
…who expects sympathy for her faults, while lashing out at the faults of others.
…who thinks it’s beneath her to love without condition, and expects unconditional love.
…who rejects acts of selflessness, but revels in righteous indignation…
…for the wrongs against her, for the injustices she has faced…
…for the decisions she has made…
…for the pain she has suffered, because a woman is never to blame for what she does.

If you were a man, the world would hate you,
But I hate you because you’re a woman.
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Body [22 Feb 2006|06:47pm]

She's not a human been
A black and blue crime see in
Her vat of angry see man
A picture of her beat in
Hot water for clean in
Her vat of angry see man
A black and blue crime see in
She's not a human be in
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Penis envy [25 Nov 2005|06:14pm]

I hate getting my way because I have a pretty smile
I hate being dismissed and excused
patronized and fantacized...

I'm a big gaping hole...somehow incomplete and useable.

I wish I had a dick. It would be the biggest dick in the world.
I would tell people what to do and they would fear my huge penis.
My subjects would expect me to be strong and responsible.
They would worship my fallice by massaging it and keeping it warm.

The only problem is that eventually, they would get jealous of my gigantic member.
So, then I woud stick it to them so they knew what they were missing.

They would probably want me to cover it up and never talk about it; but secretly love to shove it inside them.
That would make them upset, but I would sooth their fears by telling them how pretty they looked on my cock.

Just imagine....how pathetic I was without my dick. I used to just lay on my back. I can't understand why anyone took me seriously.
I mean, I had nothing to offer, and now I have this huge cock that everyone loves and respects.

They can have their way if they have a pretty smile. Reminds me of faces I've cum on.
The dickless really can't be expected to be honest or strong.
Just lay down there little girl, I'll give you what you really want.
Don't you just want a big cock just like mine?
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Why not? [23 Nov 2005|05:54pm]

I won't put out the goods in mass quantities and devalue the market. Supply and demand. It's just a product with no strings attached, no warranty, no service plan or guaroon teee...no extended relationship with the company.

I guess I don't understand passion...oh wait you mean lust in a skin-deep package of warm wet places...you know everybody has one. Mail it out. Take it for a spin. If you don't like it just send it back...absolutely no committment.

If you broke it, would you buy it?

Why bother when you can get the cheap knock-off for free?

It's all the same...nothing special.

...and whatever you do, don't tell the salesperson that you really want it.
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[17 Nov 2005|12:33pm]

Elron Hubbard
an elf with an attitude
and a following
He says jump and you say
more more more

a whore with a suit
leading a plane
that is crashing
flying in reverse
like a ezakimak

Zack De La Rocha
fuck the norm
fight the war
and by my CD
while I make like Lennon
both of them

Music Industry
Lumbering like a steggosaurus
past the ice age
makes you a knuckle dragger
who can't get it right
ELE meet doorstep

get in my land yacht
I wanna burn some forests
lets turn things up
winter is too cold
and I want beach front property
in arizona
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